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About Us...

We have included this short section on us because in these days of telephone prompts, calls recorded for quality purposes and digital this, that and the other, we like the idea that when you order from us you are ordering from real live people, providing individual, personalized attention. We do crazy things like answer the phone, treat you with respect and service your needs. Kind of like the old days when they pumped your gas, cleaned your windshield and checked your oil without asking.

Having said that, please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Chet and Sharon Yates. Our home and businesses are located in Louisville, Kentucky. While we spent many years in corporate environments, we are pleased to have broken with those ranks many years ago and are proud of our family owned / family oriented businesses. We are particularly excited since 2024 marked our 28th anniversary in business. We are as proud of that accomplishment as you should be comfortable with it.

Our commitment to you is backed by two simple deliverables: quality of service and quality of product. We are excited about our products' ability to completely solve your geese problems safely and effectively. In fact, we guarantee it!

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