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With a Success Rate of over 97%



Ohio Golf Course:

I want to tell you that device worked great!  I lost all my geese and they did not even go to the other two ponds on our course.  Unbelievable!

New Jersey Parks & Rec Department:

We installed our units at our central sports complex and at both swim pools with great success - eliminating our residential geese population who will not overnight at these parks.   Even the daytime stopovers have decreased as the covered zones seem to remain "off-limits" to these smart birds.

Midwest Golf Course:

Year after year our lakes are a haven for geese. Since we installed our first unit on one of our lakes, the geese have left that lake area. As a result, we ordered more units to place on our other lakes. We continue to be amazed and pleased with the result.

Colorado Rancher:

The geese were driving me crazy.  In the middle of a severe drought we needed all the grass we could for our horses and cows.  Chasing the geese around and sending out some of the kids to chase them away was a temporary respite, a few hours here and there.  I went to the county government with no satisfaction and then I went to the Internet.  I found Chet and  He said the geese would find the blinking light so bothersome that within a week or two they would move on to "better pastures."  He sent me a Placement Survey for 1 Land Unit on the little island in my pond.  I was skeptical but desperate so I ordered the unit and 14 days after I installed it the geese left for good!  The cows have more grass and I am not chasing geese while my neighbors laugh! Thank you!!

Northeast Medical Complex:

Thank you for reclaiming our pond in front of our office. Our employees are now able to enjoy the park like setting to picnic and walk around the pond. Last year the pond and outer area were overrun with geese and what they leave behind. From all the staff, thank you again.

Midwest Home Owners Association:
Our goose population was holding steady at approximately 100. Homeowners around the lake had resorted to fireworks, flare guns, and nylon lines strung a foot above the ground to discourage geese. Needless to say all methods were disturbing, dangerous and unsuccessful. Then we installed two devices in our small lake. Within two weeks following installation our geese were gone and we have not been bothered by them again. Your product proved to be everything you claimed.

Northeast Home Owners Association:
It is absolutely amazing! We do not have any geese on one lake anymore.

Southeast Warehouse (with a built-up roof):
Our roof was covered with geese. They were making of mess of the gutters and other equipment mounted on the roof. Just as you said, we installed the roof unit and they are gone. Literally, they are gone.

Midwest Sports Complex:
…it was getting ridiculous and our participants were starting to complain. We thought, why not try one since it has a money back guarantee. Wow. We are sold. The units were amazing and we are truly geese free and the complex looks great.

East Coast Homeowner:
My neighbors love me. I bought one of your units for my boat dock and ended up clearing geese for many of my neighbors as well. Now the kids and grandkids can play outside again without the geese annoyance and mess. Thanks for allowing me to get my property back.

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