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No Cost / No Obligation

Personalized Site Survey

The key to any successful project is proper planning. That is why we encourage every potential customer / application to request their ”Personalized Site Survey."


If you would please provide us with the short information below, we will get back with you within 2 business days and provide you with a Google Earth image of your area, exactly which of our products will best suit your needs, how many units you will need (if greater than one), exact placement and pricing. Everything you will require to make a decision in a single email. 

Address of Problem Area:

Your Address If Different From Problem Area:

Placement Survey.jpg

Above is an example of our “Personalized Site Survey” we email to customers showing our assessment of the best way to solve their geese problem.

If you prefer to contact us via email, please drop us a line at or if you'd rather speak to us in person, please give us a call at (502) 435-8155.

Thanks for submitting!

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