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With a Success Rate of over 97%


How Our Products Work

Our MONEY BACK GUARANTEED geese deterrent products feature a soft amber solar powered light that is scarcely noticeable to humans. To the geese however, it is very disruptive to their sleep since each unit is at the geese eye level and they have extremely sensitive eyes. Additionally, it emulates the eyes of a predator, e.g., a dog, fox, coyote, etc. This creates a situation where the geese consider your location “undesirable and unsafe”. As a result, after a period of restless nights they simply leave in favor of a new desirable and safe site. Once their new habitat is established they will not return since geese prefer to sleep and forage in the same area.

As a quick tutorial, our products:

  • Are solar-powered and therefore completely maintenance free

  • Are easy to install

  • Emit a 360˚, subtle amber light every few seconds from dusk till dawn

  • Cover a full 100-yard radius

  • Are so subtle they are scarcely noticeable to humans

  • Will not harm the geese

  • Will not harm your environment

  • Will not harm or affect other animals including ducks, swans, deer, dogs, etc.

  • Will completely eliminate any discontent associated with the geese

  • Durable ABS plastic. Will withstand any weather conditions including freeze/thaw

  • Are the only geese deterrent on the market to carry a 100% money-back guarantee

If we don't get rid of your geese, we will give you your money back.



Water Unit

The floating "Water Unit" is recommended for use in ponds, lakes, retention areas and any waterway where geese feel safe from predators. The safety of the water is why the geese choose these sites.



Industrial/Sports Unit

The "Industrial/Sports Unit" is recommended for use in public areas such as parks and rec facilities, athletic fields, industrial and commercial lawns/properties, business campuses, schools, and universities. The "Industrial/Sports Unit" includes a heavy duty theft deterrent ground auger which securely anchors the unit in place. Installs in minutes and in a sports situation is to be mounted completely "out of play".



Residential Unit

The "Residential Unit" is recommended for use in any land or lawn application such as private property, HOA's, gardens, fields, or other open areas. Installs in less than 30 seconds and can be easily moved for mowing. Very disruptive to geese but scarcely noticeable to humans and will not disturb the property owners or their neighbors.



Dock Unit

The "Dock Unit" is recommended for docks and marinas where geese congregate and to control geese on the land and water immediately adjacent to the dock. This unit is typically used in place of our "Water Unit" where there are restrictions on water mounted equipment.



Roof Unit

The "Roof Unit" is recommended for use on flat rooftop of commercial buildings where geese reside and feel safe from predators. The ongoing presence of geese on these rooftops results in costly damage to HVAC systems and clogged drains due to the volume of feathers and fecal matter the geese leave behind. A wide weighted base safely secures the "Roof Unit" in place without penetrating or harming the roof which could void its warranty.

It is also recommended for other flat non-porous surfaces such as concrete or tiled pool decks and water parks. These are often fenced areas where geese feel safe from predators.



Industrial/Sports Cage

The heavy-duty steel "Industrial/Sports Cage" protects the "Industrial/Sports Unit" and is recommended for the most extreme conditions of anticipated theft and/or vandalism. The "Industrial/Sports Cage" is mounted over and locked to the Industrial/Sports Unit" preventing theft and abuse.


"Industrial/Sports Unit"

sold separately.

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