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How does it work?

Our products are all solar powered. To you, that means they are completely maintenance free. In fact, each unit only requires approximately 15 minutes of indirect sunlight per week to operate at peak efficiency. The subtle amber light, which is scarcely noticeable to humans, flashes a full 360° every two seconds from dusk to dawn at the eye level of the geese. This flashing disrupts the geese sleep pattern and emulates the eyes of a predator, e.g., dogs, foxes, coyotes, etc. After a period of time, the geese no longer consider your area safe and they simply leave. There’s no harm to the geese or your environment.


Is it really guaranteed and if I’m not satisfied can I get my money back?

Yes. All we ask is that the product is fully installed and turned on for at least 90 days. If it does not solve your geese issues simply give us a call or email us and we will give you the authorization to return it. We will refund your money once it is received back in our warehouse. However, you have a full 180 days/6 months from the date of purchase to return it. How many companies do you know give that kind of a guarantee? Plus, each unit carries a two year warranty against defects of workmanship and materials.


Is the light source a problem for people?

Absolutely not. The light source is very subtle and due to its low placement, people will tend to not notice it at all. As a matter of fact, we sell quite a few HOA’s and we have never had one returned because it was an irritant to a resident. On the other hand, it is extremely unnerving to the geese as they have excellent and extremely sensitive eyesight. Relatedly, the device is visually very unassuming and the base and housing are simple and blend in very well with the natural environment.


How is it powered?

All of our products are solar powered. What that means to you is that once it is turned on and installed it is completely maintenance free. You or your staff can then go on to more productive tasks. You will not need any batteries or electricity. By the way, each unit only requires approximately 15 minutes of indirect sunlight a week to operate at peak efficiency.


What is the effect on other birds and animals?

Our products get rid of geese only. If you have birds, ducks, herons, swans, deer, or other animals around, there is absolutely no effect on them whatsoever. They will remain.


How large an area does a unit cover?

Each unit covers an approximately 100 yard radius. We offer a no cost/no obligation “Personalized Site Survey”. Using Google Earth imaging we look at your problem area and recommend exactly which product you will require, how many (if more than one), and exact placement. This extremely useful survey will take all the guesswork out of your specific situation. To request a "Personalized Site Survey”, simply click here.


How are they installed?

Installation instructions are simple, vary by model, and are included with each unit shipped. More specifically, the "Water Unit" gets anchored. The "Residential Unit" slides over a provided ground stake and takes less than a minute to install. The "Industrial/Sports Unit" has a steel ground auger that attaches to it and provides a measure of security and also installs in minutes. The "Dock Unit" attaches to a galvanized steel bracket that is bolted to the side of the dock. The "Roof Unit" is simply set in place.


Do I need to take it in in the winter?

In a word, no. Cold temperatures and even freeze/thaw conditions will not affect the product.


Do I need to move it?

Not at all. The units are designed to be placed once and forgot about. However, the "Residential Unit" can be easily moved to facilitate mowing.


Do I need to turn it on and off?

You will simply need to turn the unit on once when you first place it in its desired location. The light cycles on and off automatically.


Is shipping free?

Shipping is free to the US only. Discounted shipping to Canada. Contact us for further information.


How does your product compare to other geese removal alternatives?

We are so confident we can get rid of your geese that our units are the only geese deterrent in the marketplace to carry a full money back guarantee. It is also the most cost effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly deterrent available. Install it and forget it. Other options like chemicals need to be repeated regularly and wash off during rains. They can also adversely affect the environment and potentially harm your pond or lake. Subscribing to the use of dogs to chase the geese away is terribly expensive and believe it or not the geese soon learn when the dogs are coming and simply adjust. Remember, our units carry a money back guarantee.


If I currently have baby geese (goslings) on my property will the geese leave?

This is where Mother Nature comes in. Specifically, the mother goose will not forsake her goslings under any circumstances. After approximately 10-13 weeks, the goslings are weaned and capable of flight. At this point, our units will deter both the mother and the goslings. To not use our products invites your geese population to increase year on year.


What should I do next?

It’s easy. Simply email us your request for a no cost/no obligation “Personalized Site Survey”. We will get back to you very quickly with everything you need in order to make a decision. To access the simple “Personalized Site Survey” request form click here.

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