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Industrial/Sports Cage

Protects and encases Industrial/Sports Unit
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Industrial/Sports Cage

The heavy-duty steel “Industrial/Sports Cage” protects the “Industrial/Sports Unit” and is recommended for the most extreme conditions of anticipated theft and/or vandalism. The “Industrial/Sports Cage” is mounted over and locked to the “Industrial/Sports Unit” preventing theft and abuse. (“Industrial/Sports Unit” sold separately).


· The heavy-duty steel cage protects the light from harm yet allows the light to effectively reach the geese.

· The solar panel is still free to collect sunlight for charging.

· The heavy-duty steel of the cage has been finished with a durable all-weather black paint.

· The unit can withstand all weather conditions, even freeze/thaw cycles; it is recommended that the unit remain installed year-round for maximum results.

· Completely maintenance free.

· Overall height is 20”. Base diameter is 6”. Weight is 8 pounds.

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