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Roof Unit

Commercial Building with Flat Rooftops • Water Parks
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Product Details

Roof Unit

The “Roof Unit” is recommended for use on flat rooftops of commercial buildings where geese reside and feel safe from predators. The ongoing presence of geese on these rooftops results in costly damage to HVAC systems and clogged drains due to the volume of feathers and fecal matter the geese leave behind. A wide weighted base safely secures the “Roof Unit” in place without penetrating or harming the roof which could void its warranty.

It is also recommended for other flat non-porous surfaces such as concrete or tiled pool decks and water parks. These are often fenced areas where geese feel safe from predators.

Our money back guaranteed “Roof Unit” features a soft amber solar powered light that is scarcely noticeable to humans. To the geese however, it is very disruptive to their sleep pattern plus it emulates the eyes of a predator, perhaps a dog, a fox, or a coyote. This creates a situation where the geese consider your location “undesirable and unsafe”. As a result, after a period of time, they simply leave in favor of another “desirable and safe” site. Once their new habitat is established, they will not return since geese prefer to sleep and eat in the same area.


· The base of the unit is comprised of 0.25” thick ABS black plastic that will never fade, crack, or need to be replaced.

· The LED solar-powered light flashes every 2 seconds from dusk to dawn in a full 360° and covers an effective 100-yard radius.

· Completely maintenance free.

· The unit can withstand all weather conditions, even freeze/thaw cycles; it is recommended that the unit remain installed year-round for maximum results.

· Installation of the Roof Unit is simple and quick - just unscrew the cap and pour 50 pounds of sandbox sand (not included) into the opening and screw the cap back in place.

· The base is 14.6 inches wide and deep (at the bottom), 14.6 inches tall, and 9 pounds when shipped (empty).

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